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Phase 2 info for -City of Stow - Treeside Drive Culvert Replacement Project Update

Phase 2—Culvert Installation

The new precast concrete pipe being manufactured is expected to be complete and ready for installation late June. As soon as the delivery date of the culvert is confirmed the contractor will propose a construction schedule to the City of Stow for approval. The contractor is trying to coordinate the road closure with the ending of the school year to minimize the impact on school busing throughout the neighborhood. Additionally, work must be completed before school starts in August.

The contractor is permitted to close Treeside Drive to all traffic for a maximum of 21 days to facilitate the installation of the culvert. Therefore, the weather forecast will be reviewed before any closure is initiated to pick the most favorable 21 calendar days for the lowest water flow. Residents will be notified of the closure date and given as much notice ahead of time as is possible. Illuminated signs will flash on both entrances with the road closure date. Project completion is required on or before August 15, 2016. The setting of the pipe arch structure will require a large crane to lift the individual precast pieces into place as they arrive on site. Once the culvert has been set and backfilled, new curb gutter will be poured and new asphalt placed in the area disturbed.

Pedestrian access to Wyoga Lake Park will be from the trail on the west end of Hampshire.

The City of Stow will be conducting a safety inspection of the pedestrian bridge along the walking trail prior to the Treeside Drive closure. Additional project updates will be provided as more details

become available. The most current updates of this project will be on the City of Stow website: www.stowohio.org under “Current News.” Or call the City of Stow Engineering Department at (330) 689-2729 or Ward Council Member Bob Adaska at (330) 968-9730 with questions.