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Tree Harvesting Update, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Dear WLHA members,

Over the past year, there has been much discussion and debate over the tree harvesting capital improvements project.  The WLHA homeowners trustees have come to a decision concerning this project and wanted to share the information with our members.  There was another vote taken at our monthly December trustee meeting.  The final vote was a unanimous "yes" to proceed with the tree harvesting.

There were a number of items that we addressed from our Spring and Fall 2014 members meetings.

1.    Our members wanted to get at least one more quote on the proceeds that we could obtain from the harvest.  We obtained another quote from Trico Enterprises, LLC.  Total revenue will be $23,500 which includes harvesting a total of 50 prime trees and 30 ash trees.  (40 prime trees will be harvested behind Hampshire and 10 prime trees will be harvested behind Martinique and Commodore).  (15 ash trees will be harvested from Hampshire and 15 ash trees will be harvested from behind the Commodore property).

2.    Our members wanted the trustees to respect everyone's property and to have as minimal impact on the land as possible.  As a result, NO trees will be harvested behind property lines from Commodore to the walking trail.   In addition, Trico has agreed to smooth out the trail behind Martinique and Commodore and lay a load of gravel on the trail.  Trico has also agreed to erect a sitting bench for the neighborhood to enjoy.

3.    Our members inquired about taking care of the "emerald ash bore" infestation problem.  We are happy to report that Trico Enterprises has agreed to help us with this problem by harvesting 30 ash trees.

4.    Most importantly, our members wanted  to be informed about this project every step of the way.  We heard you loud and clear and will be providing detailed information as this project unfolds. 

What's next?

We have elected a ways and means committee to supervise the whole project from start to finish.  Members of this committee are:  Mike Simmons, John Hermann, Jeremy Faulconer, and Bill Whitlock.

With approval from WLHA trustees, we will sign a contract with Trico Enterprises, LLC and proceed with the tree harvesting.  Trico ideally would like to harvest when the ground is frozen, as early as February 23,  2015.  All trees will be tagged before harvesting starts.

Proceeds from this project will be used to make much needed capital improvements to our park.  One of the first priorities is to plant new trees within our park. 


Sincerely,  WLHA Trustees


2015 Officers Elected

The 2015 Board of Trustees has met for the first time in 2015, getting ready for the new season.

Here are the 2015 Trustees and Officers:

President: Ron Spuhler
Vice President: Shawna Cossin
Treasurer: Joanna Butler
Secretary: Adam Vincent

Jeremy Faulconer
Taryn Bukowski
Kelli Close
John Hermann
Georgina Hermann
Frank Lambert
Mike Gross
Mike Dunton

We're all looking forward to a great 2015 season!