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Lake Cleanup

After another wonderful season at our beautiful park, it is time to start closing it down for the winter.  We have rescheduled the lake cleanup from Saturday September 26 to Saturday October 3 from 10:00 to 2:00.  We would like to ask anyone who has availability, even if only for an hour, to please stop down at the lake and assist.  The more members we have available to help the less time it will take to close up.  All of the Trustees would like to thank everyone for your continued support and hope we have made this season, a season to remember.   If you would like to volunteer as a Trustee, please contact an existing board member.  We have five board members who will have completed their terms at the end of this season, so please consider volunteering. 


Dear Friends and neighbors of Wyoga Lake

Dear Friends and neighbors of Wyoga Lake;

We are contacting you in regards to the tree harvesting project, approved by WLHA members this past spring.  We are proud to announce that the Conservation Association has accepted a bid from Countryside Lumber, Middlefield, OH for the sum of $25,800.00.  We feel that the bid is a generous bid and is above fair market value. 

We want to take a minute to show some of the work that led up to this point.  After the vote went through, the conservation board immediately went into high gear.  We reestablished our 501c3 status.  We had our forester write up a bid sheet that best suited us for the harvest.  He then sent out a bid notice to 21 local companies that he has worked with and trusted.  On the bid sheet was everything that we had talked about for the last year.  We covered everything from locations to times, to repair and even addressed safety issues.  The Conservation Association met several times with the Forester and remained in constant communication with him throughout the bidding process.  We took what we had learned from the experts and took the advice of the residents to make decisions that we felt best fit our unique situation.  After the bid sheets were distributed, we gave every company a deadline of August 21st at 5:00 pm to have their bids in.  Out of the 21 companies solicited, five submitted bids.  Two of the bids were low and three were in the range we were looking for.


One thing that we had on the bid sheet and have placed in the contract was two trees that have become a safety issue.  Our Forester, along with several residents, was concerned about the dead ash tree at the beach.  The second tree is on the north side of the trail that leads from the beach to Martinique.  The tree is rotten at the base and is leaning over the walking trail.  Our concern if someone is under these two trees and they fall it will call serious injury.  These trees have little to no value and are in danger of falling.  As part of the contract Countryside Lumber will remove these two trees.


Where do we go from here?  After the contract is signed it will be up to Countryside to make a 25% deposit and have all trees removed by December 31st 2015.  They are also required to give us a one week notice before harvesting and have all monies paid in full.  Through the harvesting process, our Forester will monitor Countryside to make sure it is done correctly and efficiently. 


After talking with Countryside Lumber, they would like to start harvesting trees in late October.  Countryside will be using horses to remove trees from the forest in order to minimize damage that heavy machinery would cause. This is another reason Countryside was awarded the contract. 


We would like to thank everyone for their time and input over the course of this project.  We are excited about the project and we feel this will allow us to make many overdue repairs and updates to our beautiful park.  We hope to see everyone at Member Appreciation this weekend.



Wyoga Lake Conservation Association